We are always open to add more artists and shops on our secret sales!!!!

Just write us to with your name and your nursery page or facebook link and we will back to you with all details!!!!

If you are a Doll artist or you sell reborn supplies or accesories, and you want to be part on Sia Dolls Secret Sales, please read this carefully:

  • the Sia Dolls Team will check all new vendors, we want to be sure that we create a truster enviroment to our constumers.
  • This Secrest Sales are just open to professional artist and sellers, with a long career on the reborn world and with a wellknow work and recognition on the reborn world.
  • we not set a minimum pricing on sales, but we will check each work because we set a standard on quality, must been original creations and handmade.
  • We are open to artist arround the world to create an international secret sales event, no matter where you are, the only condition is that you must ship worldwide.
  • All dolls, supplies and accesories must been original supplies. We not accept Fake kits or fake brands on accesories.