What is Sia Dolls Secret Sale and how we works


We are a group of Artists and reborn shops that wants works together to offer something diferent to our constumers.

All exhibitors that take part on this Special Sales are professional artists and shops with a long experience on the Reborn World, we want to create the opportunity to purchase from truster vendors!! 

This shop will not be always open!!!! we will announced the dates that we will works, just a few days each time, with exclusive products and offers!!!

All sales will be manage from Sia Dolls, to be sure that all payments and shipments are under our standars of quality.

Our Director Ana Méndez, will choose each artist and shop that will take part, and she personally will check each sale and products, and that all products that we offer are made with Original Kits and high quality supplies.

For more news follow us on our Facebook group!!!!!

We hope we will can bring an exclusive experience!!!

if you have any questions please contact us on


A big hug

The Sia dolls team