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Sweet Chocolates Reborn

I am reborn artist since 2012 when i discover this art and want to paint reborns myself. And suddenly the reborn art start been a part of my life. On 2013 i open a supplies online shop on spain, and now a days all my family works with me on this shop.

On my babies i always try to learn new techniques and love play with colors skin, with my work i talk with lot of different artist and love  talk about materials and tips,

But when i really enjoy is painting AA vinyl babies.
and since i discover the silicone dolls and painting this soft babys, i start loving them!!!!
And after i paint my second silicone an spanish sculptor Monica Parres Choose me to create my first prototype 
 now a days i am a Prototype artist to some of sculptors.

I am also collector for different artists.

Hope you like and enjoy with my babies


 I am a reborn artist since 2014.

I discover these amazing dolls from my sister, and since I started I fall in love with this art.

I try every day to learn new techniques and new materials.

Some months ago I started selling reborn doll clothes and accessories.

Some of them are from different brands and I also offer my own collections, made by me on my little attelier.

Just hope you like my work and enjoy them as I do.

Achuchones del Cielo by Monica Parrés

I am Mónica Parres, thirty-year-old, Asturian, mother, public employee and self-employed. I take time from anywhere to be able to dedicate myself to a hobby that has become a job: making hyper-realistic dolls.

I came across the reborn world by chance, one day looking for a Berjusa doll. When I came across these vinyl babies, it was such an impression that I got one. Shortly after, I decided that I wanted to make one to my liking and I started to buy the vinyl pieces and in a self-taught way I learned to paint them, put hair on them, assemble the fabric body ... a task that was not easy for me because of the lack of information at that time.

Later, in 2010, I discovered full body silicone and they impressed me even more, being made entirely of silicone and I decided to go a step further and try to make my own sculptures to make silicone babies.

This is how I began a path in this world, in which the dolls reach hyperrealism at its best. They are made entirely of solid silicone, handcrafted. This has made me the first "rebornista" to manufacture this type of baby in Spain for collecting.

La Abuelita del Bebe

My treasures hair


MA Reborn Supplies