Silicone baby **PROTOTYPE** neizan partial  **sweet chocolates reborn**
Silicone baby **PROTOTYPE** neizan partial **sweet chocolates reborn**

Silicone baby **PROTOTYPE** neizan partial **sweet chocolates reborn**


Baby of silicone Neizan PROTOTYPE!!!!

has head and limbs in solid silicone and cloth body

Price: 1199.00
(Total: 1199.00 €)

beautiful baby in silicone with cloth body

THIS IS THE PROTOTYPE #1 OF THIS MODEL!!!!!!! which makes it very special

made with the mold Neizan partial sculpted by Monica Parres.

this baby is finished and ready to send, you will receive exactly the baby from the photo

This beautiful baby is baby size 1-3 months 52cm 3.4kg

made of a solid silicone head and limbs and then painted and sealed and its body is all in cloth to fit your arms.

The best materials on the market have been used for its creation. With a careful paint to create all the effects of the skin of a newborn baby.

His mouth is open and he has a tongue so he can get a pacifier with a nipple.

It has the perfect stamina and mobility to give the feeling of a baby in his arms.

His hair are mohair of the highest quality Delta Dawn brand.

you will arrive at home with the clothes you can see at photos, body, pacifier, diaper, bottle, and some extra accessories. As well as a small set of care, care instructions and certificate of authenticity and birth

silicone type: platinum on head, arms and legs and fabric on the body

Hardness: Eco20 (average hardness that provides mobility)

Artist: Ana Mendez

delivery time: immediate shipping

To pay in small installments please refer to our deferred payment.

This type of doll is not recommended for less than 14 years.